Portuguese Cup 08


The Portuguese Cup 2008 took place on 5th of October at Vila Real track, the track has a technical layout, mixing tarmac with dirt, but since Day 1 till the A-Main the track got real bumpy, real hard and almost impossible to drive. In the qualifications, the track was already a little bumpy and with lot of dust, but Kyosho’s Miguel Matias dominated and took the TQ, being without doubts fastest than everyone else, in 2nd was the young rising star Carlos Durães, being really fast too and showing that the victory if anyone hadn’t problems, only could be them, in 3rd place was the young Xray’s Ricardo Monteiro. [Click the read more link for further info]

With the heats running and the cars going on the track, the track got real dusty, bumpy and very extremely difficult to drive and keeping drive lines, mainly because the track had huge holes and the terrain was getting destroyed, so the A-Main went down, in the warm up laps Kyosho’s Miguel Matias broke and come back to the pits fixing the car, showing a huge spirit of competition and effort to fix the car, taking a amount of time that already has impossible to be the winner, but still come back to the A-Main, in the A-Main going, the young star Carlos Durães was dominating completely, being fastest than everyone else and being very consistent in such impossible conditions to drive, Rodrigo Luís (Cen/SIIM) and Ricardo Monteiro were fighting between them and with Gabriel Magalhães (GS/RB) and Fernando Almeida (Hong Nor/Orion) in the pack too, but in the middle of the race Gabriel Magalhães and Fernando Almeida had problems and being forced to quit the race, has such Miguel Matias broke again when was recovering with such a technical driving skill and with a huge pace and speed, great spirit and effort, but being very unlucky.

In the end of the A-Main the victory was to Carlos Durães, showing what we saw last Portuguese Champs race, that he’s extremely fast and consistent, to win races and to be among the top drivers, becoming him in the pack of top Portuguese drivers for sure, he’s the Portuguese Cup Champion for 2008 by being the fastest guy on the 45 min of the A-Main, still the fastest lap on the A-Main was to Kyosho’s Miguel Matias, in 2nd place was Cen’s Rodrigo Luís and in 3rd was Ricardo Monteiro.

Final Podium Classifications
1st – Carlos Durães (Hobao/BOSS)
2nd – Rodrigo Luís (Cen/SIIM)
3rd – Ricardo Monteiro (Xray/GRP)
4th – Miguel Lopes
5th – Nuno Casal Ribeiro (Crono/Falcon)
6th – Tiago Parreira (Hong Nor/OPS)
7th – Filipe Gomes (Hobao)
8th – Fernando Almeida (Hong Nor)
9th – Gabriel Magalhães (GS/RB)
10th – Miguel Matias (Kyosho/Sirio)

Our thanks go to Guilherme Cardoso for this report!