US XRAY On-Road Challenge Report


Team Xray reports – “Recently was held the second ever XRAY On-road challenge race in the US. The series is unique in many ways, it is designed to support local racing and help tracks continue to do what we all love. The events are run as a big club race and are not designed to cost a lot of money and burn racers out. We want to help racers and keep them interested in our sport. So far my role has been to inform the drivers of tuning options and get hands on with their cars. This has worked very well and I think that one by one people have directly benefited from it and become even more excited about RC. RC America has taken a non-selfish approach to this series, this in mind we have allowed racers with all types of chassis to compete and benefit from what we are doing. RC America president Ralph Burch: “We want to promote racing, keep racers interested and therefore keep tracks around. The whole hobby will prosper from strong tracks” RC America sends at least one professional team driver to every race to offer support and knowledge to all racers in attendance.” Read More… [Our thanks go to Xray for this news]