Kyosho Cleans Up at the RC X-Games!


“Kyosho team driver Ryan Lutz TQ’ed and won both Pro Buggy with his MP9, and Pro Truggy with his ST-RR – both featuring Sirio power and the buggy featuring AKA tires, wheels and inserts. Lutz dominated both classes, winning each 45-minute final by 3 laps over the second place finisher. In the buggy class, Lutz got the holeshot and never relinquished the lead, even during pit stops. Lutz’s average lap times were 2.6 seconds a lap faster than eventual second place finisher Thielke, which enabled Lutz to lap the entire field at least twice. Lutz crossed the line three laps ahead of Kyosho driver Kendall Welch. Running a 777 WC car with AKA tires and wheels, Welch was in good shape to take second place, but an untimely crash on the last lap allowed Thielke to take second. Welch was far enough ahead of fourth to keep a podium position finishing in third place. Lutz didn’t get away from the motocross-style starting gate as cleanly in the Truggy final, coming out of the dust in fourth place. But, it wasn’t long before he settled into a blistering pace that would average more than 4.3 seconds faster per lap than second place Michael Paige, also running an ST-RR. Brandon Rohde and Kendall Welch finished third and fourth respectively, giving Kyosho a sweep of the podium plus one!” Read More… [Source –]