Irish GRP GP


CML reports – “30th – 31st of August was the date for the annual Irish challenge at the fantastic BADMCC in Northern Ireland. Associated’s Craig Drescher and Richard Barton report back from the race which saw the cream of racers from all over Ireland fight it out on the track. On arrival to the track we where welcomed buy some 14 well made jumps and some excellent Irish hospitality. The track was 70% dirt and 30% astro, however, the astro was mainly used on the jumps to ensure that they stayed consistent for the race. The format was to be seven 10 minute rounds of qualifying, 4 to count, and a 1hr A final for those lucky enough to make it in. Of to a flying start was teammate Craig closing out the top spot in the first 4 rounds of qualifying. I (Richard Barton) started to put in a push for the front in round 5 and took the second magic 13 lapper of the day but some DNF’s in other rounds meant that I had to make all other races count to make it in to the main final.” Read More… [Source –]