Kyosho Inferno ST-US Sports


“The Inferno ST-US Sports is equipped with all the latest technology. It comes with a 12 model memory, LCD display, digital radio with all the adjustments you would ever want. The drive train rides on all ball bearings and the power from the super powerful GXR28 is transfered through a hardened steel clutch bell and spur gear. The gear boxes have hardened steel spiral cut ring an pinion gears. What this means is we were able to get the transmission ratio corrected for the large Truggy tires without having to use a huge spur gear. This keeps the motor more centered in the car and the center diff lower to the chassis. Low and centered weight is always a good thing! A high torque steering servo has been spec’d for great steering accuracy and durability. Last but not least, the body comes fully detailed and a competition rear wing is added to make this truck that much mroe ready for the track or the back yard! With all the features, it’s no wonder that the Inferno ST-US Sports won Car Action’s RTR Truggy Showdown and tied for Best Value of the bunch as well.” Read More… [Source –]