Yokomo 1/12th Rock Crawler


“Rock crawling is the new r/c craze that is setting the industry alight. Easy to do anywhere and anytime it opens up limitless possibilities and hours of fun for little expenditure. Yokomo have recognised this and produced the Challenger, a 1/12th scale dual motor design that is both great value for money and the perfect introduction into the world of rock crawling. Due to the design of twin motors, Yokomo have had a specially designed ESC for the Challenger exclusively produced for them. We will be selling the Challenger and ESC as a single combo unit to help make set-up that little bit easier. Pre-assembled with motors and painted bodyshell. [Click the read more link below to read its features]

Features – 
Twin motor 4wd
Low gear ratio axles
Three piece beadlock wheels
Yokomo brand soft compound tires
Long stroke shocks
Full ball bearing set
Pre-painted lexan body” [Source – cmldistribution.co.uk]