King Crawler


HPI has recently published information with regards to a crawler conversion set for the Wheely King:- “Rock crawling is the latest RC craze to hit 4-wheel vehicles, and instead of the high-octane, adrenaline-fueled craziness of drifting from Japan, this low-speed, thrill-packed off-road adventuring comes from the mountain areas of America! So what is crawling about? In stark contrast to the often two-dimensional world of circuit racing and drifting on pre-made, unchanging tarmac tracks, crawling gets you to attempt the improbable by attacking near-vertical cliffs, slick rock faces and piles of mountain rubble! Boulders, rock piles, mountain trails and footpaths are the typical location for competitions or fun meetings. Although in competitions the truck owners compete against each other, the magic appeal of rock crawling is that each driver competes against their own abilities, trusting in the strength of their equipment and the machine that is bringing them up the hill.” Click the read more link below to view more images!   Find Out More… 

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