Xray Wins @ Singapore Nitro Challenge


“The Turf City 1/8 Off-Road Race was held on July 20, 2008 on a sunny & breezy day. The track was damp in the morning, becoming moderately dusty in the afternoon. Heats lasted 7 minutes, with 1-hour long A finals at the end. The morning was damp, as rain had blessed the track the day before. Qualifying went smoothly with Team XRAY driver Glenn Phuah setting the early fast qualifying time of 9 laps @7.15. Not satisfied with his time, Glenn had guns blazing going into round two, and finished with 9 laps @ 7.08. Some careless mistakes and a drying track in round 3 meant that Glenn would not better his time and instead Kyosho driver Ben Seet did 9 laps @ 7.05 to clinch the TQ spot. Promising new XRAY 808 driver Daniel Lim showed some excellent driving to put him in 4th spot on the starting grid.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]