Chris Doughty Wins Eden Park National


“Chris Doughty driving the LRP powered Atomized B44 took Atomic-Carbon’s maiden BRCA National win at Eden Park Raceway near London. The finals were eventful for Chris, in Leg 1 both front tyres became detached from both wheels, but chris managed to hold off the pack to take a 2nd place, in Leg 2 Chris brushed a track marker on the warm up lap which damaged a front wishbone, thanks to quick work by the Atomic-Carbon team, the cells from his car were transferred to Andy Griffths Atomized B44 which had just come off the track from the previous final. Even with the worn tyres and yellow wheels Chris soon adapted to the differently setup car and managed a 5th place. In the Leg 3 Chris managed to get upto 1st place with many cars retiring, chris played it safe and did not try to clear the big double jumps and came home to take the win.” [Source – Our friends at Atomic Carbon]