DRT TYRO 2008 Race Report



“It was a rather early start for most of the drivers who opted to drive up/down for the day to attend Round 3 of the 2008 Tyro’s at Dartford Race Track. With a lot of the entrants having never raced at this track before it was going to be a very interesting day indeed. This is one of those tracks that you will love when things go right however you will learn extremely fast that when you make mistakes you are highly unlikely to get away with them. The surface was prepped however there was a light loose covering around certain sections of the track which was approximately half a cm deep. This was to prove very interesting during the first round of timed practice as the track was loose and traction minimal. This was however short lived as it was almost like unwrapping a present, as the cars powered round the track they were moving some of the loose surface to the outside and off the racing line in addition we were all treated to nature at its best the heavy winds were generating a mini dust storm the likes I have never seen before at DRT. This opened the racing gates and with heat one in full swing . One of the features that the majority of drivers had altercations with was the fan rumble strip causing countless problems if attempted to be taken with too much speed” Read More… [Source – piraterc.com]