NT1 Dominates Norwegian Cup R3



“The third round of the Norwegian Cup was organized by Spydeberg Motorklubb just south of Oslo. Around 30 drivers faced unstable weather forecasts which later proved to make the race an exciting event. The facilities at Spydeberg are first class and on potentially rainy days like this the indoor drivers area are much appreciated. Qualification started off dry and all drivers got their first attempt at dry conditions before the rain started to pour. If you didn’t get a good run in your first attempt… well, too bad! Drivers making the most of the first effort were Helge Johannessen (TQ) followed by Adrian Berntsen, Tom Erik Haaversen, and Petter S?lvberg. Other drivers such Georg Ellingsen and Frank Andersen were unlucky in the single dry attempt and designated to the lower finals which obviously was risky business in the wet. The weather throughout the lower finals and semis was occasional rain so the track never really dried up. Also, the varying conditions made it hard to choose the right tires. Both Georg and Frank made it through the quarter final and semi finals so the main final had all the top-ranked drivers ready to battle.”Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]