XB808 Wins Singapore Nitro Challenge R4



“Morning qualifying started promptly at 9:00AM without delays and immediately saw Ryu Goh setting quick lap times of 46sec and setting the bar at 9 laps @ 7:31. XRAY driver Luigi Venturi (still running the XB8EC) showed some quick driving with 46sec+ lap times and showed potential, but he ran out of fuel and ended round 1 with 8 laps @ 6:50. It would be Team XRAY driver Chester Chua putting in a very composed run to finish round 1 with 9 laps @ 7:26 and take the provisional TQ. Round 2 of qualifying was unlucky for Chester Chua as he did not start due to a throttle servo failure. Luigi Venturi would go on and set his 9 laps @ 7:39 to secure a spot in the A-main. Round 3 saw Ryu Goh set a fast time of 9 laps @ 7:10 to clinch the TQ spot for the day. Chester Chua was unable to better his time and thus could not challenge Ryu. Luigi Venturi had fast laps but a few mistakes caused him to not improve in timing. Team XRAY driver Glenn Phuah, defending TQ from SNC round 3, was not able to attend due to work commitments or it would have certainly been a more exciting battle for the TQ spot and finals. The new track layout was a good combination of technical sections with many tricky sections, which required some finesse to achieve quick transitions into the turns that followed. Kudos go to Ah Leng the track owner for the new layout, which was a good surprise to test our adaptability.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]