T2’008 Wins Italian CI UISP R3



“Yesterday at Bolzano the third round of the CI UISP was held. In spite of the weather forecast that threatened rain, the weather has been clement and allowed us to carry out a dry race. The track is one of the smallest and most technical I have ever seen. XRAY driver Berlincioni was the first to be able to finish 22 laps followed by Govi with 22 laps and Bola with 20. In the second qualification, Berlincioni improved himself and made a time that put him on Pole. Govi got better and obtained 22 laps and Barilli got 21. In the third qualification, Berlincioni repeated himself with 22 laps but did not improve, Dall’Oca got his best performance that put him into second position, and Bola bettered his performance and got 4th position on the grid.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]