XT8 Wins UK National Truggy Championship R3



“Round 3 saw us return to the Clanfield track in the South of England. Clanfield is in my opinion the best track to race on in the UK and is where I managed to clinch the 2007 National title. We dusted off our truck from last year and felt confident that our set-up would still be good. Straight into Round 1 and I was happy with the performance but needed a little more consistency. We decided to put on the 2.8 front roll bar and try again. This did the trick and I managed to TQ the round with a 8L in 5.08. Round 3 and for the first half I had a awesome run, looking set for a 8L in 5.03. Unfortunately I made a mistake and blew the round. Willets took the TQ but I was confident for the final.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]