XB808 Wins Hessen Cup R4



“The 4th German Hessen Cup was held in Ober-Mörlen on June 8th on a well-prepared track. It was wet at the beginning of Saturday and just as the track got dry it rained again; the training sessions had to be stopped due to a thunderstorm. Some drivers had another training session in the afternoon but the cars were really dirty. Nevertheless, a Junior final was held in the evening, and was won by Dennis Eckfelder. Sunday morning it was still a bit wet and qualification started at 9:00AM. Due to the high amount of starters we only had 2 rounds of qualification and it was Maximilian Trochim (XRAY XB808) that claimed 2nd place behind Maximilian Cordts at the front of the Expert class. In the Hobby class, Jan Allendörfer (XB808) was in 1st place, followed by Patrick Täger (XB8EC) in 2nd place.


The final was a very close battle between Maximilian Cordts and Oliver Simon (XB808) all through the heat; Oliver took the lead in the beginning, was passed by Maximilian after a brief mistake, and then retook the lead from Maximilian again. Maximilian Trochim had problems and eventually got 9th place. In the Hobby class final it was Jan Allendörfer that lead from start to finish. Thomas Masthof (XB8EC) and Patrick Täger had a close battle for 2nd until Patrick had an engine stoppage. Thomas took home 2nd place ahead of Oliver Ganzow.

Positions of Expert class final:

1.Oliver Simon XRAY XB808
2.Maximilian Cordts
3.Lars Neumann
4.Marco Schneider
5.Gerhard Frank
6.Jochen Wiesner
7.Reinhard Semmel
8.Stefan Leichner
9.Maximilian Trochim XRAY XB808
10.Andreas Rauch”

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