XB808 & Leino Win Finnish Open



“The Finnish Open race was held at Tampere. The track was hard-packed clay with good traction as there has been no rain in the last three weeks. The track was holding up really well all day long. The layout is pretty awesome with many different kind of jumps, tight corners, and a long straight. It was sunny all day so it was perfect for racing for the approximately 60 drivers that attended. In two practice runs I tested two different sets of tires and different rear camber link positions on the shock tower. The car was working well, but I wanted it to be better. In first qualifying round I got TQ ahead of Joseph Quagraine by 0.4sec (it was super close) and Ari Heinonen finished third. I felt that the car was a little tricky to drive, but wasn’t sure if it was because of the new tires or setup, so I decided to run the second round with the same setup. We all made many mistakes in the second run but I was able to pull out TQ, and I was sure now that I needed to make some changes to make the car more stable as I couldn’t drive with that setup for the 45min final. So in the third run I made the front wheelbase shorter so the front wheels would get more weight, and I also changed the rear anti-roll bar from 2.6mm to 2.8mm to make the rear end run more flat and better over bumps. These changes worked really well and I made my best run of the day and got TQ by almost half a lap ahead of Ari.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]