XB808 & Hazlewood Win BRCA Nationals R4



“The UK’s BRCA national Rnd 4 was held at Clanfield which is a very fast & technical dirt track, with great jumps raised section & fast sweeping corners racing is very rewarding. For the first time this year we were to have great weather all day with temps hitting 25 deg so better than the last 3 rounds where weve had rain. With a national team that has doubled in size since the beginning of 08 to included drivers myself Brennan, Kevin Brunsden, Jon Hazelwood, Bruce Thompson, Lee Taylor, Damien Tigwell, Mark Dell & many privateers the depth in field now is very good. With 6 808’s in the top 20 & 3 in the A main the strength & pace is showing. To racing with Mark putting in some great runs & would of been higher if not for some very impatient top guns hitting him. A very good result to qualify in the C, a cut on the start line for the final would rule him out of contention but a sterling drive to bring himself back in the game & back in the top 10. With worlds qualifiers & other branded factory drivers behind him really shows of Marks achievement. Damien with good clean runs would put his 808 18th overall & in the B, with the fast pace of the B would finish 7th in this.

Bruce & first national out with his 808 was unlucky in his runs but easily had the potential of top 5 finish in his runs. A little more time to settle to the car & our newly recruited mirage sponsored driver will be in the A’s. After a great start for Bruce engine problems in the final would put Bruce out.

For myself very happy in my runs & in the A by round 2 but just bumped out but only by another xray driver so not to bad. For the final & after a reasonable start settled into a fast pace & gradually worked my way through the field so after my last fuel stop was 4th & in the bump up position for the A. I defended this position from 5th & 6th for the last 7 minutes when disaster, with 3 corners to go a stone was to rip out of the track on a jump launching my car onto its roof allowing the others through & relegating me to 8th….. Gutted.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]