XB808 TQ & Win in Portugal



“This weekend was a great day for Team XRAY in Portugal. Nearly 70 drivers showed up at Magrelos (Marco de Canaveses) in northern Portugal. It was a new track for everyone since it has been remodelled a little. It was a very smooth but dusty circuit. The race format was slightly different than normal, and as such it attracted more drivers. There were 3 mains to get a fast lap. Someone thought that this type of format benefited only fast drivers and not regular drivers who normally won the races, but surprisingly nearly all drivers who qualified in top places were those who ultimately got more laps on an increasingly bumpy track. In the first qualifier, Vitor Balbeira got the fast lap with 30.3sec, closely followed by Nuno Casal Ribeiro and Carlos Duraes. In the second round of qualifying, Team XRAY driver Cristian Villar got the fast lap of 29.54sec, and ran very constant times just over 30sec.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]