Losi 8ight Goes Electric



“We were at the track shooting some action shots and we notice the Losi Team was out testing a mysterious new car. You can try to figure out what’s missing from that “factory white” Losi 8IGHT. It’s not missing color, wheels, a body, or an antenna (okay it’s missing that antenna). If you look close you see it’s missing an engine, pipe, and if you have XRAY vision a fuel tank. That silence is the sound of what should be the first production brushless 1/8-scale from a major manufacturer. This will eliminate the cost of buying an entire nitro kit and having to buy a separate conversions (more money). When, where, and how will all be answered when Losi is ready to show the details of the car…but for now if you are thinking about big electrics this will make for many good dreams about silent racing.” [Source – rc411.com]