XRAY Wins Lithuanian Off-road Championship R1



“Round 1 of the Lithuanian Off-road Championship took place in Kaunas, Lithuania. This currently is the only off-road track in Lithuania, being 290m long, a surface of mainly clay, with sections of carpet. At first glance it may look like an easy track, but like all tracks it has its own individual character – some turns on slopes, altitude variations and even water beds, which make braking difficult. and what is more – the track is dusty and bumpy – a real challenge for the drivers. Apart from a nice house-type wooden driver stand, a new spectator stand which accommodates 70-80 people has been built just above the main straight. Since the number of racers wasn’t large, qualifying only determined your starting positions and gave you a chance to try different setups, and for international drivers to get used to the track. The weather was changing – rain the morning (Qualifying) and sun in the afternoon (finals). Two buggy classes are run in the Lithuanian Championship – buggy (for children and less experienced) and sport (for better drivers).

Buggy Sport:
1. Taurius Sinkevicius
2. Edgaras Snipas
3. Rokas Zabulionis
4. Mindaugas Pacevicius XRAY XB8
5. Andres Käver XRAY XB8
6. Paulius Varnagiris XRAY XB8
7. Rytis Rukstele XRAY XB8″

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[Source – teamxray.com]