Review – HPI Wheely King



“HPI released few months ago a 1/12 electric monster truck, the Wheely King. Huge tires, solid axles, 6 inches of suspension travel, a nice looking paint scheme and built with all the specifications to be an excellent crawler. However, I picked the HPI Wheely King for its monster truck capabilities and not for its crawling potential. To be honest, I was looking for an electric monster truck that can go everywhere indoor or outdoor. Another reason why I picked the Wheely King, I want my 4 years old son to start into RC and the WK is the best way to make my son’s first RC experience a success. Buying the WK was easy, I simply called my friends at and few days later my (I mean, my son’s) Wheely King was at my door. With a price tag of 130$US, it is a real bargain.” Read More…