2008 Florida Winternats Official DVD



“The 2008 Florida Winternats Official DVD is the 25th release from Ray Wood RC Videos and the 3rd time we have covered this popular annual international event. With a talented field of European, North and South Americian drivers present to contest both 8th and 10th Scale Nitro On Road, we bring you over 100 minutes of hi reving RC action on one of the most unforgiving tracks in the world. Paulo Morganti was racing for the hat trick after winning the 200mm Class here in 06 and 07 and Mike Swauger has had a few wins here in both classes and wants more. Burch, Tosolini, Grosskamp, Lemieux, Baker, Salven, Cyrul etc all winners here before and here again along with many others, to try for the coverted Winternats titles. Multi camera coverage of both 45 minute Finals, interviews and lots of close action hi lights.Get yourself a 2008 Florida Winternats DVD for that next rained out race day. The (fully compatable) pressed DVDs are in full sized DVD case and sealed, and available now. A preview is on my website now, at raywoodrcvideos.com Don’t forget to check out the “Snowbirds 2008” DVD preview if you did not see that yet. It was our previous release. Awesome Oval and Circuit Carpet stuff, and 2007 8th On Road World Championships DVD from Argentina.