Serpent Centax-3 WC Clutch System



“Serpent is pleased to introduce the new WC version of the Centax III clutch system and updated 2-speed gearbox system. The updated transmission uses the same pitch as before but has an improved tooth profile, which combined with a wider spur and pinion gear, gives better contact for better durability and power delivery.The steel clutch bell housing has also been updated with the pinions no longer forming the structure of this area but are instead attached the steel threads on the new bell. This ensures that the gears spin true and are much more resistant to any flexing in this area. As a result of this new bell, the front 2 bearings in the clutch have been changed and are now smaller in diameter compared to previous versions.

Additional information –

The new WC transmission cannot be used together with the original spurs or pinion gears.

A full range of spur gears (54T-56T, 59T-61T) and pinions (16T-18T, 21T-23T) are also available separately. [Source –]