BRCA Bike Season Hot’s Up!



“Having already checked out the wet weather capabilities of the GRP Bike tyres at Cotswolds in March, followed by the first round of the BRCA Bike National at Skipton, RRCi’s Dez Chand finally campaigned the new GRP tyres on his KP07 throughout a dry race day at Halifax, for Round 2 of the 2008 championship. Dez claimed second place in both legs of the Supersport A Final, where the top four bikes on the grid were separated by less than 2.5 seconds over the 7 minute race distance!

The new GRP tyres appeared as good as new by the end of it all, despite all the sideways action on the brakes and the powerslides out of corners. “Had the day been slightly warmer the results could have been so very different – I’m looking into some bike sized tyre warmers for the next round” said Dez accepting his “Formby Dollars” for second overall. While Dave Scouse running the GRP front took both victories and the overall win!” Read More… [Source –]