XB808 TQ’s HongNor Championship



“The HongNor Championship was held at RC World Raceway in Korea. Since the Korea Nitro Off-road National Championship would be held within only two weeks, not many Team XRAY drivers could participate in this race. Team XRAY driver DongGwan Kim participated in order to test his new LRP engine as well as new XRAY XB808. It was DongGwan’s first race at the raceway, and there was not enough time to find a setup for the circuit so DongGwan followed the factory 808 setup. Being so, it was simply amazing that DongGwan absolutely dominated the race with his XB808 from the first qualifying round to the A-main final. DongGwan took TQ position with overwhelming performance of the XB808 in the first qualifying, and everyone was astonished with the XB808’s awesome performance. Read More @ Xray