Coelho wins 1/10th Portuguese Nats Rd3



“Last week end we had the 3rd round of our National Championship at the Lisbon track, the same track that will host the World Championship. Forty-seven drivers attend the event. The weather conditions made it very challenging for all drivers; at any time it would be dry or wet or semi-wet, thus causing a lot of problems with grip and sometimes electronic problems. The three series of heats were raced in several different track conditions, never being equal to for drivers and in the qualifying finals we had unusual classifications with top drivers.

1 Bruno Coelho
2 Eduardo Dulac
3 Jaime Silva XRAY NT1
4 Joao Malveiro
5 Luís Simoes XRAY NT1
6 Joao Gaio XRAY NT1
7 Bruno Pereira XRAY NT1
8 Joao B. Inacio XRAY NT1
9 Paulo Santos
10 Jorge Felix
12 José Pequito XRAY NT1
29 Filipe Costa XRAY NT1″

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