T2’008 TQ’s and Wins Dutch Nationals R1



“The opening race of the Dutch Nationals 2008 was held at the large outdoor track at the Baanbrekers in Rucphen; the track was 257m long, 5m wide with a lot of high-speed corners and 3 semi-hairpins corners. Twenty-nine Modified drivers attended the race. The first round of Dutch Nationals Stock race was cancelled because the handout motor was not available in time. Team XRAY Benelux was represented by Hugo van den Berg, Patrick Jongenelis (both of whom joined Team XRAY Benelux this year) and myself. This being the first race since the switch of controlled tire from CS27 to LRP VTEC, we tested three days before the race to find a good setup. By good cooperation we found a setup which gave a lot of grip, good cornering speed, good run time, and not too much tire wear. The last fact is very important as we only have 1 set of tires for 3 qualifiers and 2 finals. 

Hugo had a superb opening qualifier and set the pace with 20 laps in 5:15.1. The only driver who came close was Bart Wubben with 19 laps in 5:00.5, effectively only 1.5 seconds slower than Hugo. We decided that another qualifying run for Hugo was not necessary, because the track heated up and nobody was able to take TQ away from him anymore on used tires.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]