Team Magic 1/10 G4JR Gas Touring Car



“In 2006 & 2007 the G4S & G4+ w ere released . The G4S & G4+ again ignited that excitement and took on the best of Europe in 2006 & 2007 . It dominated the podium twice with 1st places. These results provided proof that the G4 series were reliable, fast and fun to drive. It was without doubt, the inevitable choice to form the backbone of this new RTR kit – G4JR .

Ready to run & Ready to race

The G4JR comes 95% factory assembled for your convenience. Factory assembly saves a considerable amount of construction time which means you’re up and racing as quickly as possible.

The two main objectives of a ‘ready-to-run’ car are firstly, to help take away the hard decisions a beginner can sometimes be faced with. Is this the right motor? Are these the right servos? It can sometimes be an overwhelming decision on whether they feel their getting the right product with their money.

The second objective to success is placed on the manufacturer. They need to assemble an entire package from a combination of parts, all of them coming together to form a kit which leaves the owner totally satisfied.

The G4JR easily meets these objectives but it’s what makes this RTR kits different from its competitors that makes it so special. Its not often a beginner in this sport can race a championship winning chassis and feel what it’s like to experience a whole new driving sensation. It’s a dream come true, the G4JR is it best ready-to-run kits available. It’s time for the beginner to let out a sigh of relief.

K Factory Partially Pre-Painted Touring Body

R/C racing is all about having fun. Part of this fun comes from seeing a scaled down version of a real car racing around the track.
The included K Factory pre-painted body is the perfect match for the?G4JR and really lets the car stand out from the crowd. Since its introduction, the?type of body?has been in favor with gas car racers for its ability to create excellent down-force while maintaining a neutral feel. It’s the ultimate body for distributing front and rear down-force evenly which lets the driver feel the smallest change in chassis setup. In addition, the body has been pre-painted in the factory to the point where the owner can choose the final color to match their attitude. If you want to have a different RTR, this partially pre-painted body is the only choice.

After the paint has dried you can continue styling the body by adding your favorite stickers and external upgrades like a light kit or neon. Matching the stickers of your favorite race car or adding a headlight and brake light kit will give your G4JR a real, full-scale car look.

Speed – ED Transmission System

This new gear set for the G4 series of cars is worth its weight in gold. Thanks to a revised internal gear ratio, getting the power from the engine to the wheels is a much easier task not only for the engine but also for the driver. It all means reduced cost in clutches, gears and belts while improving acceleration and top speed. The ED transmission system included with the G4JR features high quality lightweight plastic pulleys and continues to offer a major advancement in touring car performance.

Plenty of Options

In addition to styling the car, consider the fact that this RTR kit is based on an already existing competition chassis. This clever idea gives the owner the potential to select from over 100 K-Factory option parts, including those that fit the G4 competition chassis, and install them on the car with ease. There’s no other car on the market that offers such a wide selection of option parts. Not only will it look awesome but it will go faster too! This is something we think many owners will consider enjoyable.

Insist on quality

It can sometime be a difficult task to change people’s perception of something if they’ve been put in the same position for many years. How many times has an RTR kit has been frowned upon by racers as being cheap or of inferior quality? The G4JR ?is set to change this mindset. It features only top quality equipment, so what makes the G4JR a competitive chassis, you’ll find in this RTR kit. No expense has been spared to deliver performance, quality and durability.


The G4JR is not only designed as a racing car, but also a piece of art. On the racing side, the car has the lowest centre of gravity among all gas sedans. This can be easily seen when you put several hottest cars in a row. In addition to a low CG, all the components are centralized to make the car as slim as possible. To make the car more eye-catching and easier to recognize, there is a unique fuel tank installed on the G4JR. Most people can easily identify the car from just the fuel tank alone.

Several Models Available at Different Price Range

User friendly- smart design

Quality H.A.R.D. Radio Set (made by Futaba)

Futaba is the original equipment manufacturer of H.A.R.D. Electronic Transmitter.
For over 44 years, Futaba has been manufacturing high quality electronic components for radio controlled products. Their name is one of the most recognizable in the industry so it was an easy decision to include their Megatech Junior transmitter and matching receiver with the G4JR.

Lightweight 3mm 6061-T6 Alum. Chassis

The high quality 6061-T6 alloy chassis is machine from a 3mm thick sheet to improve its strength and rigidity. The overall chassis length has decreased by several millimeters but the wheelbase remains unchanged. This is due to the rear of chassis getting shortened to allow for a re-designed rear end. This newly design shorter chassis will not only drop its overall weight, but make the handling much better.

All New Short Rear End Design

Development of the G4 series of cars continues and the G4JR features the latest improvement with a revised rear chassis section. The rear bumper has changed considerably with a reduction in depth and shape. It continues to protect the rear transmission and suspension arms area but moves forward slightly. This means a small reduction in overall weight and just like the exclusive G4+, the new rear bumper features two locations for the rear suspension arms, increasing turning options for individual track conditions.

Lightweight X Plate

A strong but light X-plate found at the front of the car is another flow on from development. The unique G4 style fuel tank separates itself from the front bulk head and gives the driver easier access to the differential and steering system of the G4JR. You no longer need to remove the fuel tank to access these areas of the car. The high quality plastic is manufactured to be strong while offering a small amount of flex during a large impact. This means it remains strong while continuing to play an integral part of the G4JR’s cage chassis setup.

Front & Rear Quick Change Bulkhead

Maintenance is every racers worst nightmare. No one likes to do it. Having to continuously strip cars down to clean and replace worn parts can be a very arduous job. Not on the G4JR though, it’s designed with quick and easy maintenance in mind. It’s simply a pleasure to work on thanks to Team Magic’s ingenious quick release front and rear bulk head system. Access to the differentials is incredibly easy and gives the racer comfort in knowing that tuning and maintaining his G4JR gives himself or herself an advantage over the competition.

Lowest Center-of-Gravity

Dual lay down servos and a unique tank gives the G4JR a center of gravity unequalled by its competitors. The majority of the cars weight is held below the cars invisible center line and this gives the car the ability to hold an amazing amount of corner speed with unparalleled stability. Combine this stability with an engine of your choice and you’ll be passing the competition at every corner with ease.

Quality Threaded Shocks

Super strong shocks are included as standard on the G4JR. They feature threaded bodies for quick and easy ride height adjustment. These quality shocks help keep the friction low and are capable of generating valuable feed back to the driver on his or her suspension setup.

Flying Wing Suspension Arms

Exclusive to Team Magic’s latest vehicles are “flying wing” suspension arms. These solid, flat and narrow suspension arms are designed to reduce maintenance time and improve airflow over the car. There are new linkage positions to provide mounting points for K-Factory’s optional swaybar and also an increased amount of caster adjustability, up from 4mm to 6mm. The new arms are also lighter and stronger then the older style arms.

Front and Rear Universal Joints

The G4JR includes universals on the front and rear of the car and are considered to be a valuable upgrade to any car. The universals on the G4JR replace the standard dog-bone system of old which means improved transmission efficiency and reduced maintenance times. And no more loose or lost dog-bones! With the UJ’s fixed to the axle, a differential, for example, can be removed and installed in a matter of minutes. Just line up the UJ’s into their cups and you’re done.


The G4 series of on-road gas touring car chassis are under continual development by Team Magic. With two European Championships under their belts, it’s not a good idea to rest on your laurels.

Team Magic isn’t all about winning however, their also interested in supporting their customer base just like their customer supports them. This means that when changes are made to the G4 and a new model is released, they’ll spend just as much time making sure parts fits all of the G4 cars as they would on testing performance. For example, the new adjustable rear swaybar of the G4+ is a direct fit onto the G4JR. This is a huge advantage to any G4 racer by providing them with an almost endless supply of parts and upgrades. Your G4 could be as unique or as fast as you want it to be. The choice is yours.

In-line Tuned Pipe

It’s crafted from super hard aluminum which makes it light and very durable. The unique shape of the pipe is actually a critical part its design and lets the engine produce excellent power and torque right through the rev-range.

Mounted Rubber Tire

Tires are the most critical part of a racing car. Without traction or grip to the road, a car’s ability to turn, accelerate and stop can quickly disappear. When compared to rubber tires, foam tires offer more grip thanks to their ability to bite into the ground or road surface. Their also lighter which decreases rotating mass and increases acceleration.

Low Profile Duro 2 Speed Design

The G4 transmission system has been an absolute success right from the start. It’s positioned as close to the ground as possible for the lowest center of gravity. It’s so low; it’s almost level with the bottom chassis plate. This lets the G4JR change direction quicker and that means faster lap-times. The 2 speed is fully adjustable so the racer can select the exact point when second gear engages.

Quality Bearings

High quality bearings are an essential part of a reliable car. The G4JR includes 18 bearings for increased transmission efficiency and durability. Each bearing is precisely sealed to reduce the chances of dirt entering the ball-raced area and damaging the bearing or other components.

Protective Bumper

A protective bumper is a vital part of any R/C car because frontal impacts have the ability to do the most damage. Both styles of the G4JR are fitted with a highly effective bumper system.

Efficient Brake System

The G4JR braking system is super consistent. A quality brake system that you can depend on is important if you want to set quick lap-times around your track.

High Performance Air Filter

The fine foam material stops foreign objects from entering the engines carburetor and traveling through the engines working parts.


– Great Value
– Based On The European Champions Car Design
– Three Belt Transmission System
– Front & Rear Quick Release Bulkhead Design
– Front & Rear Gear Differential
– High Grade Alum. Chassis & Radio Plate
– Narrow Chassis & Low CG Design
– Quality Threaded Shocks
– Lightweight ED Transmission System
– Flying Wing Suspension Arm
– Dual Laydown Servo Design
– Quick Release Fuel Tank
– Universal Joint Included
– High Efficiency Brake System
– Two Speed Transmission System
– 3 Shoe Clutch System
– Fully Upgradable
– H.A.R.D. Radio Set (Made by Futaba)
– SH 12 Class Engine
– K Factory Partially Pre-Painted Touring Car Body
– Powerful In-Line Pipe Set
– Mounted Rubber Tires” [Source –]