XRAY Wins Finnish Off-road Nationals R1



Team Xray reports – “Last weekend was the start of the Finnish nitro buggy season. This year the first race was held in Turku. The track was pretty rough with a good amount of jumps, and traction was good all day long. On the morning the track wasn’t really all that bumpy, but it got bumpier as the day went on and so clean runs were hard to make. I tested two different set-ups in two practice runs and car felt okay with both set-ups. The fastest drivers were turning 43sec laps while most of the rest were turning 44-45sec laps. After two practice runs it was time for three rounds of qualifying, with the 2 best out of 3 rounds counting. In the first run I was not driving well and I made several mistakes, finishing 7th in that round. Ari Heinonen – the championship winner from last year – won that round. In the second round my throttle servo died before the round started, so I was unable to drive.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]