Saturday Night Contest



“News from TQ Model – Last Saturday we raced indoor at the “Arena”, same location that will be used in November for a bigger race (www.). The complex “Cowboy land” where the track is located is a kind of theme park dedicated to American rodeo, cowboy and red skins. The main hall is very big, about 60 x 40 meters, with a clay surface, similar to the one seen at NeoBuggy that was perfect from beginning to the end. This race was a kind of warm up for the organiser, Paolo Bosco of ModellismoRC and Piero Cresta of Planet racing, in order to be ready for the main event in November. Even this race anyway attracted a good number of competitors, more than 100 divided in Buggy F1, F2 and Truggy. The race started in the morning and finals has been raced during the night, with Buggy F1 final, the main event, starting around 1 AM! 30 Minute final ended with the victory of Riccardo Rabitti on his Losi / Sirio, who started from n. 1 spot on the grid, followed from his team mate Marco Grandesso. Third was Monaci with his OCM/Axe.” [Source –]