Xray XB808 One-Piece Engine Mount



“Authentic XRAY optional 1-piece engine mount for XB808 is CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, hardcoated for extra durability and long life. Ultra-strong construction provides very long life and durability in even the most extreme racing conditions.Providing not only solid engine mounting and easy adjustment, the unique keyed-mount design allows for the easy removal and replacement of the engine without the need for gear mesh re-adjustment. The smartly-designed mounting system consists of two components: and adjustable base (which is affixed to the chassis), and a pair of upper mounts (which stay attached to the engine crankcase) that key to the base. This enables the engine to be mounted and dismounted each time without needing gear mesh re-adjustment. Engine mounts are designed to allow easy access to the engine’s rear cover so you do not have to dismount the engine at any time.” [Source – teamxray.com]