Billy Easton Column – Worlds Warm Up



“This year’s Worlds Warm up/Worlds is to be held at the same track RCS in Thailand as the renowned TITC. The race turn out was a little low, but the competition was just as high as it could have been. Many of your known racers were in attendance with the likes of: Marc Rheinard, Andy Moore, Atsushi Hara, Victor Wilck, Shinosuke Adachi, Masami Hirosaka and myself. The track was newly paved and had a new layout that had never been run on to date. The track owner upon arriving told us that there would be no additive sprayed on the track, and to know surprise the traction was very low. The cars were pretty loose and pushed. So you basically had no steering and no traction. What a nightmare for anyone trying to tune a car. We went through two days of testing and at this point not any one individual looked super awesome, but some cars clearly had more steering than others. Bart and I tested many things, longer links, different shock oils, roll centers, arm lengths and so on.” Read More… [Source –]