XB808 Podium Finish at 1st Swiss Championship



“The first Swiss national round of six races (altogether) was held in Oberbüren in eastern Switzerland on the weekend of April 26-28. There were 36 Expert drivers and about 70 drivers in the Amateur (Hobby) class. For Swiss Team XRAY this would be the roll-out and first race for the new XB808 buggy. There were already six XB808s in the lineup and still a lot of XB8ECs. The weather was great throughout the weekend. The track was almost the same as when we had left it last year. There were two changes though: the big jump had been reworked with a ramp made of a steel frame, and it had been widened. With the steep angle of the ramp we were wondering if it would actually be faster to jump it all the way (reaching the lower stratosphere in the process) or to simply hop over it.” Read More… [Source – teamxray.com]