RC-AREA Birthday Giveaway


The 13th of May sees rc-area.co.uk’s one year anniversary and to celebrate we are giving you the chance to win one of the following prizes for 100% free. The following prizes are up for grabs: 1st Prize – DELUX ROTATING CAR STAND 2nd Prize – FASTRAX ALOY HEX DRIVERS 3rd Prize – Two Shock Bottom Retainers, 20 Blue Aluminium Countersunk Washers and 16 White O-Rings. All prizes are brand new and are ready to be shipped for free to anyone. Better still there are no questions to answer just send us your details via email and we will send you a unique number (when we are next online) which will then be entered into our prize draw. Following this we will randomly select three numbers (1st, 2nd and 3rd) on the 13th of May 08. (Click Read More NOW)The winning numbers / people will then be contacted informing them of their winning! Remember anyone can enter and its 100% free just enter you details using the below form and click send. If you win any of the prizes we will inform you by the email you provide us and we will also ask for your shipping / postage address so that we can get the prize sent to you! Only one entry per person will be counted! This free giveaway if open to all our visitors no matter where you live!

We need YOU to email us the following details –

Full Name


Email all entries to birthday@rc-area.co.uk

We would also like to say thanks to the following companies for their support in providing the prizes –

SB Models

Nor-Tech Racing

If you have any questions please contact us!

All details received will not be passed on to anyone, after the draw has finished the information will be deleted.