Pro-Line Race – Qualifying



“Qualifying finished early today, due to running round 2 yesterday. Round 3 this morning saw Maifield go 1/10th quicker than his roud 2 time, however he ended up 4th, Cragg won round 3 with half a second over Jared Tebo. Round 4; Neill Cragg went 0.4 sec faster than his round 3 time, which proved more than enough to keep 2nd placed Richard Saxton behind. Maifield had a poor round (13th). Going into round 5, the pressure was on Maifield to find speed to beat Neill Cragg, indeed Ryan did find the required pace, 0.3 sec faster than Neill who was 2nd, handing Ryan TQ. In the last round we noticed Tebo had engine issues, starting already during the warm up.” Read More… [Source –]