RC Pro – Press Release



RC Pro is organizing a trip to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children on June 7th from 2:00 – 3:30. We are looking to take 8-10 electric 1/18 onroad and offroad vehicles to teach the kids how to drive an rc and then just let them have fun. We are looking for sponsors that would be interested in donating cars or equipment that will be given to the hospital for later use by the kids. We have discussed the possibility of rc as therapy for their Orthopedics department and hope this will become something that can help the kids. We also want to show them there is a sport/hobby they can be involved in. We are also looking for volunteers to help keep these cars charged and together during the event. If you or your company would be interested in getting involved with this event please email me at nitrooffroad@rcprosites.com .

We have also extended an invitation to the patients and their families to atten our Finals in November as our guests. We also offered a booth space at the Finals to the hospital so they can pass out information about what they do. If you would like to learn more about the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children please go to their website. http://www.tsrhc.org/[Source – rcprosites.com]