Billy Easton Column – Florida State Series



“Howdy fellow Serpent Team and column readers. This Florida State Off Road Series event was the fifth leg of their 7 race series. The event was to be held in Ocala, Florida at the Ocala RC Club. I took the trip from Tampa on up to Ocala, approx. 1 hour 10 minute drive and was really surprised upon the arrival. It was only Friday, the first day of practice and the park was full of Trailers/tents. I would say at least 60 from my line of sight. It was like a big race, but was just a State Series event. I was amazed by the following and was happy to see that many racers out practicing, getting ready for the event. When I found a pit spot I could already see some more of the higher class racers like Ryan Eckert, Jason Ruona and Gene Hickerson. The track was Georgia red clay, and the lay out was really high speed with a huge bank off the main straight into a double/double or a triple/single depending on how you hit it. ” Read More…  [Source –]