2008 Panther Cup UPDATE



“On the back of the success of this event last Frankley M.C.C with the sponsorship of Horizon Hobbies will be running The Panther Cup 2008 the Format will be run over 2 days with a practice round and 5 rounds of qualifying on the Saturday Plus 1 round of qualify on the Sunday and Double Xmas Tree Finals on the Sunday with a minimum of 6 drivers bumping up, This will have a controlled Tyre for the event and the fee for the 2 days will be £30 this will include a free set of controlled tyres of your choice from the 2 allowed, there will be a support class of the Truggies and they will have the same Practice and 6 rounds of qualifying but will have the traditional 3 Bump up Finals (subject to entrants) their will be no controlled tyre for truggies and the Fee will be £15 for the 2 Days, However if the Truggy driver runs on any Panther Tyre Prizes will be provided By Horizon.” Read More… [Source – Friend and partner site piraterc.com]