Doverbashers Presents the Team DB SS For 2008



“This time last year I had an idea to bring the racing element to our club so I created TeamDB. I wanted a race series for the newbie’s in racing. . My aim was to make it fun and educational for all involved, after putting it on the back burner until I had more information and response from members it’s back. Behind the scenes we have been very busy since the end of last summer season trying to work-out the best way to keep you guys happy in your racing, we have looked at many tracks and what they have to offer and also we wanted to keep the running of your cars as low as possible, we have looked into running at 3 / 4 tracks or maybe just 1 and maybe using a controlled tyre.

After alot of good feedback on when this should start and where you would like to go we have come up with this.


The 2008 summer series will be held at Novarossi Raceway.
We will be running two classes. . Truggy and Rally X (due to track rules you can run both classes if you wish BUT you have to have make sure 100% that you have someone as a replacement to marshal if your marshal point is not filled you will not be allowed to race)
There will be 8 rounds of which 6 scoring rounds will count towards your points total.
There will be trophies for the top 3 in both classes.
There will be medals/certificates for the top 3 in both classes on the day.
This championship is only open to Doverbashers members.

You will require BRCA and Full Doverbashers membership and the cost is £10 per round For 1 Class or £16 for both classes to be paid to a Doverbashers official at the start of each race day.” [Source –]