Spanish Touring 200mm Championship



“Last week end, took place the first leg of the crowdy and competitive Spanish Touring 200mm Championship, in Sta. Oliva Track (Tarragona), with 72 drivers from all over spain. Once more, Novarossi / RassRacing Spanish Team was present in a very strong form, getting two out of the four direct places into the final (Ramón Guasch 3º, and Juanito Hidalgo 4º), in adition of 3 more engines in the final (Marc Moix (Nova), Martín Sevilla (Nova/JP) and Iñaki Pahissa (Nova/Max)), that meant that there where 5 Novarossi powered cars in the final. At the end, Novarossi / RassRacing Team showed what is needed to win, obtaining an 1 & 2 final position, with Juanito and Ramón in first and second positions respectively. Both, Juanito and Ramón where using the new 2008 version of the .12 353 engine in combination whith the 2630 pipe and Roga fuel, whith a complete satisfactory performance and a total ausence of engine problems at all.” [Source –]