CML Carpet Masters 07/08



News from CML – “The 2007/08 CML Carpet Masters series final round was run at Stafford over the weekend and saw Andrew Robson take the win and the series with an emphatic drive. Andy drove his Novak powered TC5 to pole position by 3.5 seconds in front of Yokomo man Ian Whittingham. He went on to take the 2 main finals with fast, controlled drives in each race. Ian Whiitingham took second in the first race with young Yokomo driver Ryan Edwards taking second in the second, this was enough to give Ryan second overall on the day in front of Adam Meakin.

19T Super Touring – Round 5 Results
1 Andrew Robson 5:03.91
2 Ian Whittingham 5:07.33
3 Ryan Edwards 5:00.25
4 Adam Meakin 5:00.51
5 David Ward 5:02.63
6 Martin Aldred 5:03.01
7 Dominic Carter 5:06.84
8 Mark Pountain 5:07.52
9 Mark Richards 5:04.30
10 Andy Puttnam 5:05.38

In the 27t class Young Zak Smith drove to a fantastic TQ in front of the eventual series winner Nick Turner. Zak drove his TC5 to victory in first final and second in the second to take the win on the day.

19T Super Touring – Round 5 Results
1 Zak Smith 5:02.12
2 Nick Turner 5:05.86
3 Chris Taylor 5:07.72
4 Alan Harrington 5:10.45
5 Warren Jones 5:01.23
6 Mark Poulton 5:01.69
7 Jake Williams 5:07.09
8 Sion Wedley 5:07.47
9 David Hough 5:06.97
10 Ryan Ellis 5:01.11

A big congratulations to Andy Robson for his impressive performance throughout the season. You can view the final standings here.”

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