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    Kyosho 1/10 Electric Stadium Truck Spy Shots

    March 1, 2008 - 16:15 by Kevin Comments Off


    “It pays off to live in Southern California; not only is the weather nearly perfect, but we also find ourselves stumbling upon top-secret factory team testing on a routine basis at the local tracks. We dropped by one of our local hangouts and ran into the Kyosho team testing their newest creation—a 1/10 scale off-road electric stadium truck unofficially named the “Kyosho RT-5.” Kyosho reps stressed that the truck in our photos is still highly pre-production and in full testing mode. Here’s what we can tell you:




    • The RT-5 is based upon Kyosho’s popular RB-5 electric buggy.

    • Overwhelming customer feedback and requests for an electric truck convinced Kyosho to build the RT-5.

    • The RT-5 shares the RB-5’s transmission and tranny ratio.

    • A longer chassis, longer suspension arms, and longer shocks are used.

    • Double-thick carbon-fiber shock towers seen in the photos are undergoing testing; production versions may be molded, fiber or carbon fiber.

    • There is NO official release date yet, but Kyosho will debut the RT-5 in mid-March at the Cactus Classic in Phoenix, Arizona.

    • Kyosho’s engineer will travel from Japan to attend the Cactus Classic for further development

    Testing thus far has demonstrated the truck’s performance to be a neutral mix of steering and stability, but we’re anxious to get our hands on one to find out for ourselves. Stay tuned to R/C Car Magazine for more information as it becomes available.” [Source – rc-car.com]