Interview With Richard Cree



We at have been very lucky and have managed to complete this great interview with Brandon Melton . This general interview features nine interesting questions, providing you with all the information you have ever wanted to know about this great RC driver! – (Click the below link)

How long have you been involved in RC- I started out in Northern Ireland about 18 years ago racing 1/10 off road on polished wooden floors. Great for learning car control! Since then I have been involved mainly in 1/10 off road with the odd bit of TC thrown in.

What classes have you raced – 1/10 off road, 1/10 touring car and the new venture 1/8 off road.

Have you got a favourite track if so which one – The track at Vassa in Finland where the 1/10 euros was in 2007 is pretty hard to beat. In the UK my local track is the Herts club based at Westmill in Ware, the guys running this club are awesome and every time I visit the track is a little bit better.

What was your first RC–Tamiya Boomerang, that thing was the nuts on polished wood! I think Tamiya have recently re-released it, I think a trip to the shop is calling!

So far are you happy with your overall progress of the session ( or last session) – Well 2008 hasn’t seriously started yet so I’ll talk about 2007. I raced mainly 1/10 electric in 2007 and to be honest it was a disappointing season which saw me fall out of love with 1/10 a bit. The national tracks where often poor in my opinion (with Bury Metro as a big exception). To be competitive in 1/10 on astroturf/grass you have such a small window of opportunity, it bugs me that you could go to a meeting and be in the A final, or have a tiny bit of bad luck and be in the C final. Essentially the tracks are too easy and practise is too limited. The euros in Vassa, Finland was great however. The track really rewarded a driver who could hit jumps right and knew when to push and when to back off, if only every track was like that……

I started to do some 1/8 in 2007 with HoBao kit kindly provided by CML Distribution. The HoBao car was great, but now I am running the AE RC8 and I am loving the class. The tracks are amazing in the UK and the class has a real buzz surrounding it. Hopefully 2008 will shape up to be a good year!

What is your racing history – I started club racing in Northern Ireland and progressed through the stock classes into the modified, winning multiple Irish titles on the way. I made several trips over to England and Europe to compete in major races. The early highlights where coming second in my first ever BRCA national event and making my first european championship A final when 15 years old. Since then my career highlights have involved several European Championship podiums, a lot of European Championship A finals and a spell working for Team Losi.

Regarding RC looking back would you of done anything differently – Double jump, those that know will know what I mean……..

Have you got a favourite RC – That’s a tough one, I have my own personal favourite cars that have performed well for me. Overall as a design the Losi XX for its ground breaking use of plastics is pretty high up there, but the AE B4 is the class leader at the moment. In all honesty cars behave so differently on different tracks I might love a car one day and hate it the next!

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Any other Comment’s– One off events are the future!!!!!