Interview – Brandon Melton Team Associated Driver



We at have been very lucky and have managed to complete this great interview with Brandon Melton . This general interview features nine interesting questions, providing you with all the information you have ever wanted to know about this great RC driver! – (Click the below link)

Interview with Brandon Melton Team Associated Driver –

Name – Brandon Melton

How long have you been involved in RC- I have been involved in R/C for 14 years but have been racing for 11 yrs.

What classes have you raced – I have raced all 1/10 electric off-road classes, 1/10 touring cars, 1/10 gas trucks, and 1/8 gas buggies.

Have you got a favourite track if so which one – Of the tracks I’ve raced I’d say my favourite is “The Badlands” in Myrtle Beach, SC.

What was your first RC– My first R/C car was a Kyosho Raider RTR.

So far are you happy with your overall progress of the session ( or last session) – I have been very pleased with my adapting to the RC8. It was my first leap into the 1/8 scene and feel I have picked it up quickly.

What is your racing history – I first saw R/C cars at the local Hobby shop while purchasing baseball cards there. After receiving my first RTR, I only wanted to go faster from there, then I found tracks, and it’s lasted 11 yrs so far.

Regarding RC looking back would you of done anything differently – It used to be harder 5-10 years ago to get sponsored living on the East Coast, so I would have probably tried to go to more west coast races to meet people with their respected companies.

Have you got a favourite RC – Right now my favourite car is defiantly the RC8. Before I would race for the competition and just to try and win. Now when racing the RC8, I look forward to the fun I’ll have driving it while trying to win, not all just about winning.

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