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“Adams Racing Limited is a new UK based manufacturer of high performance foam rubber tyres for remote controlled model racing cars. Adams racing Limited were established in 2004 with the aim to develop a completely new improved closed cell foam rubber technology going right back to the start of the process and changing many of the process steps – for a far better product. We basically mould our tyres individually and then machine to guarantee consistent all round properties using our own compounds. We also use our own wheels with physical properties to match application and all with a unique Gecko® pad design. We are now making tyres that are very different to, and give a far better performance than any other foam rubber tyre on the market known to us – particularly the 1/10th scale ‘Electric Gecko®’ tyre used indoors on carpet, lino & wood race surfaces.

The 1/10th Electric Gecko® tyres have achieved outstanding results in recent UK 1/18th scale BRCA Micro Nationals on e.g. 1/18th Blaze/Duratrax and 1/10th Electric touring car drivers are moving over to Gecko® foams from other well known foam tyre brands and gaining 2 to 3 laps almost straight away – with no additive. The improved traction is achieved with far better and more even wear resistance & better chunk resistance.

The new 1/10th Nitro Gecko® tyres, launched in January 2008, translate this performance to IC/Nitro on-road cars on asphalt and we expect to make a similar impact through 2008.

We think drivers of almost any experience level will be able to see the difference compared to all other foam tyres immediately.

For more details on our 1/10th scale Gecko® foam rubber tyres please see our web site at Please also read the read the many favourable comments written about our Electric Gecko® tyres on the leading UK 1/18th scale Micro forum at – see ‘Gecko Tyres’ in the traders section.

In the last few months we have gone to market and already have established Microtech Racing Limited as our major UK retailer – please see for product details. Gecko tyres can also be purchased directly from the online shop at which is happy to take orders from around the world.”

[Source – Cris Oxley]