RB Concept V12 R3 .12 Engine



“Since its first victory at the World Cup, the RB Concept V12 is one of the most popular touring car engines of the world. Rody Roem and the whole RB team have worked for many months on a new version of this world famous engine. The RB Concept R3 reaches a new level of power by keeping the usual drivability of the RB Concept line-up.This engine comes with a new bi-turbo crankshaft with a very aggressive timing used by the team drivers during the latest world Championship, and a new 3 ports piston sleeve. The combustion Chamber is designed to decrease the vibration and the junction with the sleeve has also been improved. This engine comes with a new lightened low profiled head to improve the handling of the car.

Spec Check

* Contents: 2.11 cc
  * Bore: 13.70mm
  * Stroke: 14.25mm
  * Porting intake: 3
  * Porting exhaust: 1
  * Crankshaft: SPT 11.5mm
  * Carburetor: Slide Aluminium 5.4mm with removable Venturi 5.4mm
  * Glowplug: Turbo #01051-6
  * Weight: 213 Gr.
  * Use: Circuit”

[Source – cmldistribution.co.uk]