2008 Snowbird Nationals



“I’ve arrived at the 2008 Snowbird Nationals and am ready to give you the run down. The big news so far is that the race has been moved to a new location. This year’s race is happening right now at the Radisson hotel in Kissimmee FL which is not to far from Orlando and Disney World. There’s a lot of pit space in the ball room and the racers are allowed to work on their gear in their rooms. You can watch the race on the TV in your room and that makes it much easier to know what is going on so you don’t miss a race. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the new location. The rooms and hotel are much nicer but some miss the atmosphere that the past location provided. NASCAR has the Daytona 500 to kick off their season and we start out season off with a bang with the Snowbird nationals. The list of sponsors is mind blowing. Companies such as Trinity, XRAY, Team Associated, and Intellect are just a few in the line up.” Read More… [Source – rccaraction.com]