ROAR Embraces Change, Lipos Legal!!



“ROAR will allow the use of hard-cased Li-Poly batteries. They must comply with the rules and the vehicles must meet the minimum weight requirements. Here is the official word from ROAR: 8.3.2 Lithium Polymer Batteries (Li-Poly) Lithium Polymer battery packs may be used to power electric racing cars if a Certification Of Compliance has been received and accepted by ROAR from the manufacturers of the battery packs. The Certification of Compliance indicates that the Lithium Polymer cells internal to the battery packs have been tested in accordance with UN T1-T8, the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, Manual of Test and Criteria (ST/SG/AC.10.11/Rev.4) and passed the acceptance criteria.” Read More… [Source –]