Top Dog Dash For Cash



“What started out to be a social Nitro Buggy event with a small $50.00 pay for the win in the A Final thanks to Laurie of Top Dog Hot Dogs, soon became a full blown competition as soon as wheels touched the dirt. Not only did the competition hot up early in the night but so did the prize money, with Tony Knauth of OCR Pitshop adding $50.00 to the prize pool in round 1. The first of the qualifying rounds saw Tam Bui Xray – Nova Rossi take the win 2.5 seconds ahead of Tony Knauth HN X1CR – RB, with Nathan Tampe – Hyper 8 – Nosram in third one lap down. In round 2 again the prize money pool grew with Tony’s wife, Rhonda Knauth adding another $50.00 to the kitty, now with $150.00 up for grabs we were certainly going to be assured of some awesome Nitro Buggy action, and no one was disappointed with the quality of racing in round 2, with Neil Ingram MBX5R – RB taking the win 1.39 secs ahead of Tam Bui and Marc Christianson Losi 8 – OS 11.96 secs behind in third, with Tony and Nathan battling it out for fourth and fifth place. Overall qualifying positions sees Tam Bui as TQ so far. Round 3 saw another jump in the prize pool with Steve Hodges of Darwin Auto Electrics adding another $50.00, making a sizeable prize money pool of $200.00.


Round 3 had Tony get out to a sizeable lead early on to take the win ahead of Neil and Marc, Tony taking FTD and the fastest lap with a 34.021 secs, giving him the overall lead in qualifying but with Tam and Tony on equal points at the front with only 24 seconds seperating them after nearly half an hour of competion, the TQ spot was still anybodies. Round four saw Neil Ingram take the win ahead of Tam, Bui, with Tony in third, who was out in front for most of the race only to run out of fuel 20 seconds from the end, handing the TQ spot for the 10 car A Final to Tam Bui.


 With the Top Ten group always very competitive, not only get into but to stay in, these smaller events allow for newer drivers that have not yet made it into the Top Ten pack, to get in and gain experience from racing against the fast guys. The A Final got off to a blistering start with Marc Christianson and Tony Knauth out to an early lead with Marc holding off Tony until lap eight, making a mistake coming on to the front straight, letting Tony through to the front, with Neil Ingram, Tam Bui and Marc Christianson battling it out together, let Tony get a sizeable gap leading up to the fuel stop and with a super fast pitstop from pit man Skip Jackson was able to put a lap on the field.


 With a nice clean run to the finish it was Tony Knauth HN X1CR – RB on 24 laps taking the win and $125.00 ahead of Neil Ingram – MBX5R – RB in second on 23 laps ($50.00) and Tam Bui Xray – Nova Rossi in third on 22 laps ($25.00). With Laurie from Top Dog Hot Dogs presenting the first place prize and vowing to put in cash again for the next event, and Tony donating his win back to the prize pool, it seems we will again be racing for cash again at OCR Raceway in the TOP DOG DASH FOR CASH – Stage II – 7th December 2008″ [Source – Tony Knauth @]