Novak 1/8th-Scale BL Conversion Kit



“Nitro enthusiasts who want to join the brushless revolution can now convert their 1/8th- scale nitro buggy to electric powered using the Novak 1/8th-scale Conversion Kit. Kits are available for various models of Kyosho™, Mugen™ and Ofna™ vehicles, and include all of the necessary components to convert it to brushless power. Nitro customers who have never run brushless will now experience longer run times, minimal maintenance, low-end torque and control and incredible top speed. The Novak Conversion Kit is compatible with the Novak #3020 and #3021 HV High-Voltage Brushless Systems, and is available individually or as a combo kit with these systems. The kit includes a Motor Heat Sink and Motor Mount specifically designed for the Novak 550-size HV motors; Two Battery Boxes for dual 2S Li-Po packs or dual 6-cell Ni-MH packs; and a Steering Servo Mount (replaces dual servo mount set-up as the mechanical brakes and brake servo are no longer needed). Kit includes all the necessary Hardware to complete the conversion.” [Source –]